Cool, awesome, amazing!!! (London)


This post should be written two weeks ago, but I had no time, I wasn´t in the mood. Maybe today is the appropriate moment to open my heart and share my feelings. That sounds very deep, we will see what happened…

I decided to leave to London because I fell in love with the city last summer and I need new experiences, because Madrid dried me. When you fall in love you don´t need reasons, you only know you must do it. Even if that means you leave the big love of your life. And also my family and my friends whom are always supporting me. London is a big city, plenty of people, things to do, but sometimes very crazy, a place where you could feel very small; I can´t even imagine New York, living there would be such an incredible experience. I arrived to a Spanish warm bubble called Paellas Mansions but it wasn´t only a stop on my way, I returned back there many times to share paellas and experiences with old and new friends whom tried to find a place in this city. Thanks a good contact, I found a place in Hackney Central, the International Big Brother House, full of stories that maybe one day I will write on a script. I was the oldest one at home but it didn´t really matter, because I will always be the youngest in spirit, never take care of the wrinkles on your face, only the ones of your soul. It´s a big deal sharing your space with so many people, but it opens your mind and trains your patience ; it´s so important getting back home and find someone to share your feelings… Living together is so difficult and when you are on the spot, sometimes it´s complicated to know how to behave to be fair. But nobody´s perfect. Not me, at least.

Placed in my neighborhood, a little Africa mixed the coolest Londoners, I spent almost four months fighting in the job center, with my claims, my ESOL classes, my English… Trying to define myself and to find a gap which belongs to me on this city. I don´t know if I could write about my experience in a few paragraphs… I love the city, I love my old friends and  the new ones whom I find on my way, the London live music, the good vibes, the markets, the dark clouds, the passing clouds… But you don´t get  confused, London is a jungle, without money or job is difficult to survive, you have to be very brave and really trust on yourself to achieve your goals. It´s not a postcard, is a real life, you choose… But be aware that the awesome London on holidays could become a hell in a couple of months.

Without Patty there is no party but London is much more that nightlife, in a sunny day the city is amazing, enjoying the light, the park, the people… I can´t summarize all my experiences, it´s no possible…  Now I´m in Madrid, but I miss London. I will return back, I know. This is a post to say thank you to people who makes my life better. I love you!!!


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