The three pigs and the mortgages

This amazing video developed at BBH London was included in the past year campaign from The Guardian to promote open journalism. The new platforms, the New Media are already here and is no sense to look at them as an enemy from the traditional journalism, because they help us to build a new way of communication.

Communication is never easy and sometimes citizens need to take measures to draw the attention of the governments, like escrache in Spain (the information is in Spanish). Politics, journalists and politically correct people are complaining about this method but to tell your children they have no longer a house is worst that to complain to the politicians about our mortgage situation.


The most important thing to do now is fighting together for our future, without any borders. The next goal after the Spanish youth protest from yesterday will be join other young people from different countries with similar problems, sitting and starting to talk about how to build a real new community, a new public and common space where everybody will be able to be represented. Because this situation is not happening at this moment. Because we can´t let the wolf destroy our future. Or the Troika. Or whatever name the devil takes.

Full credits of The Guardian Campaign here

15M London Web, Facebook, Twitter

Campaign We don´t leave, they throw us out


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