Shoreditch Fashion Show 2013

The Spring is coming and the Fashionista inside you feels pretty nervous. You need fresh ideas, trending topics to share with your friends and imagination to fill your fancy wardrobe. The only rule in life is to avoid the rules, so black and white, plastic, colors, stripes, silk, cotton, chic, denim, romance, brocades, plaid, cropped, fur, flowers… Everything is allowed and you are in charge of choosing the best mixture. The Shoreditch Fashion Show 2013 run by the magazine Made in Shoreditch is a great opportunity to be witness how the streets feed the fashion and to be able to check first-hand the awesome results produced by connecting energy and talent from all over the world.

This event will be placed the 27th April in Shoreditch, the East London hotspot, but the show is ongoing.  The second phase, consisting of choosing the 10 success finalists among the 28 candidates, is over. The support given to the designers with yours likes, shares and retweets, have led them into the next step, where the amazing jury headed by Mischa Barton, Eliza Doolittle and Serge de Nimes Oliver Proudlock will decide whom of these two awesome designers will showcase their talent at the final.

This event is invite only but there will be releasing a limited selection of tickets for general sale. You don´t stumble across an opportunity like this every day, so you must take the chance and highlight it on your agenda as a must. If you are too far from London or you miss out on the tickets, you could follow all the gossips, the party and the fashion online and through the magazine Made in Shoreditch. As always.

We will keep in touch!!! Hope Fashion´s Goddess will protect you, or at least give you creative advice to fight against the grey sky…

Vía Made in Shoreditch Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


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