Black Mirror returns


Once upon a time I took part in a cultural group, included in the Spanish revolution movement, and we used to celebrate a gathering about culture and science fiction, based on literary works, but also films or TV. One year ago, we talked about Black Mirror’s second episode, a TV series which hasn’t been played yet in Spain so I had to watch it on Internet.

Although I’m in London now and tonight will be the second season premiere, I couldn’t see it because I haven’t a TV license at home, so I must wait until Channel 4 will upload it.

The first season had only three episodes but there were so amazing, so close to our reality, so well-done that they had drawn my attention immediately. I’m pretty sure these new episodes will be at least as good as the first ones and they will let us know more about the human nature and his relationship with technology.

Please find below the trailer, I hope you will love it…

PD. No traduzco lo que he escrito al castellano, simplemente buscad Black Mirror en Internet y disfrutad con el visionado la primera temporada. La segunda se estrena hoy en Channel 4 y seguramente pronto se verá en la red.


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